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Muscovite (mica) cluster in a facetted aquamarine from Brazil. Transmitted plus polarized illumination. Area photographed approximately 2.00 x 2.00 mm.




EXAMPLE OF INSIDE PAGE – Winner of Gem-A photo competition in 2012


Wonders within Gemstones II

The mysterious beauty of gemstone inclusions

This second book from Anthony de Goutière, AKA Tony, is not only a reference source for students of gemmology and graduate gemmologists but a unique opportunity for all to understand this fascinating branch of gemmology that’s both an art and a science. With the use of various lighting techniques and careful composition, unusual and artistic photomicrographs, taken from gemstones, have been captured and reproduced for all to enjoy.

Tony hopes to inspire other gemmologists to attach cameras to their microscopes and join the ranks of inclusionists around the world. It’s a truly fascinating and rewarding method of recording microscopic wonders within gemstones.

“A flawless gemstone can leave an element of doubt as to the gem’s authenticity. Inclusions should not be considered “flaws” unless they are a danger to the durability of the gem or affect its beauty.”


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